PT Grama Bazita Indonesia

This is the corporate management company of all Grama Bazita Group companies in Indonesia. It represents 30 years of investment and operations experience in the country.

Grama Bazita Indonesia retains the core values of the Group as a whole and manages the implementation of these values into all its business units. The values as described in the Vision and Mission statement primarily addressing the areas universal to businesses and in particular this Group such as Finance, Corporate Identity, Human Capital Advocacy and Management, Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Sustainability Initiatives. M&A, due diligence and execution as well as new Investment Strategies and Management are also within the scope of this unit’s operations.

Consultative in nature, Grama Bazita Indonesia is home to the founders’ core management team of the group and is the fountainhead of developmental ideologies and implementation strategies. The group as a whole strongly believes in advocating and implementing best practices in its operations in an ethical and caring working environment.