PT. Grama Bazita Maintenance Indonesia

About Us

Grama Bazita and Hofincons have come together to form an alliance bringing Asset Management & Maintenance Services to the industrial sector in Indonesia.

With the extensive experience and knowledge, both on-shore and off-shore in  asset management and maintenance, engineering and construction, the new alliance is well positioned to provide a comprehensive list of tailor-made and generic services to industries .

At GB-Hofincons we strongly believe  in reliability, excellence and longevity of partnerships by focusing on execution and bringing  value to customer businesses


Industrial Operations & Maintenance

Performance based Asset Management services like preventive maintenance, asset optimization and operation services of utilities to minimize maintenance costs and extending asset availability. Value added services within this scope are numerous and highlighted elsewhere

Technology & Consulting

An integrated Asset Management offering that covers maintenance and material management solutions. Further, optimization studies are conducted to determine  Reliability Centered Maintenance programs. Specialized end to end management services for SAP, MAXIMO and other ERP enabled systems are also available