Client Year Project Scope of works
Mechanical Electrical Piping HVAC Plumbing Fire Fighting Instrumentation Electronic
PT Indorama Synthetics Tbk1995P.E.T. Resin
PT Newmont Nusatenggara2015Recycle Pipeline Project
2015Improvement Projects on Fire protection System
2013Maintenance Service
PT Papandayan Cocoa Industries (Barry Callebaut Indonesia)2016Chocolate Factory
PT Barry Callebaut Comextra Indonesia2013LPG Fuel System
2013Cobra Project Chocolate Factory
GEA Process Engineering Pte Ltd2007PT Kievit Indonesia
2007Ultra Jaya Factory
GEA Process Engineering (NZ) Ltd2005 PT Kievit Indonesia, The Factory Upgrade
PT Nestle Confectionery Indonesia2003 Fox Peppermint Expansion
1999Pollo & Fox Peppermint
PT Pulosynthetics1990Process & Storage Tank Level Instruments
PT Inti Indorayon Utama1997Digester Expansion
1997Digester Expansion
PT Kertas Basuki Rachmat Indonesia Tbk1997Paper Machine #2
1997Paper Machine #2
PT Mandiri Raya Tangguh (Knockner Moeller)2000Musi Pulp Mill
PT Riau Andalan Kertas2001Foresty Pelelewan, M&E Work
1998Paper Machine 1
PT Toba Pulp Lestari Tbk2003Toba Pulp Mill Project
PT Esa Kertas Nusantara2005Paper Machine #1
PT Wira Karya Sakti1995Pulp Mill
PT ABB Sakti Industri1996Pindo Deli Paper Machine #8
PT Indah Kiat Pulp & Paper1996Pulp Machine #9, #10 & CLO2 - Perawang
1996Pulp Machine #9, #10 & CLO2 - Perawang
1995PM, Lime Kiln & Recaust Sizing - Perawang
1994Lime Kiln #9 & Recovery Boiler #9
PT Pindo Deli Pulp and Paper Mills1996Paper Machine #8
PT Fajar Surya Wisesa1996PM #3 Expansion
PT Inti Indorayon Utama Tbk1994Pulp & Rayon
PT Indo Bharat Rayon1995Viscose
PT Indorama Polyester Industries Indonesia1996CP 2 - P.E.T. Resin
PT Polysindo Eka Perkasa Tbk2002Multikarsa Investama
1999Texturizing Barmag - Semarang
1998MKI - 2/POY Semarang, MGT - Solo
1996Polysester Plant, MK 1 - Semarang
PT South Pacific Viscose2009Line - 4 Electrical & Instrumentations
2007CS#2 Absotbtion Plant
2007Line - 4 Hydraulic System
2006SS Pneumatic Tubing & Pneumatic Panel
2004Turbo Generator #3
2001Retrofit of Line 2 Freq Converter
1997Viscose Line #1
1996Viscose Line #3
PT Euroasiatic2010E&I Installation for TG
Carlisle2003Sari Husada Project
PT Tetrapak Indonesia2005Frisian Flag Indonesia Factory - Spray Dryer #1 & #2
2004Sari Husada - Yogyakarta - Wet End
2003Frisian Flag Indonesia - Gum Creamer
2003Nestle Kejayan Project
Haffmans BV2005San Miquel Corp CO2 Storage & Evaporator
Guerin Systems2007Frisian Flag Indonesia Factory (Panel A1)
2003Frisian Flag Indonesia - Sub System 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5
PT Nestle Indonesia2007Egron # 3 & Egron # 4 for Nestle Kejayan Factory
2003Utility Project
2003Fox Peppermint Expansion
2002Nestle Kejayan Project
2002Extension Nestle Kejayan Phase III
2001Kejayan Utilities
2000Agglomeration Powder Handling (RSCM Waru Line 1)
2000Kejayaan Evaporator
1999Pollo & Fox Peppermint
1997MILO Kejayan Project
1996Agglomeration Powder Handling (RSCM Waru Line 2)
PT Kievit Indonesia2007Food Ingredient Processing Plant Stage 2
PT GEA Colby Powder Pty Ltd2007Electrical & Instrument Work of Colby Powder System
2007Ultra Jaya Factory
2007PT Kievit Indonesia
2005PT Kievit Indonesia, The Factory Upgrade
PT FABS Indonesia2008Coca Cola Indonesia - Bandung
2005Ades Cibinong - New Fet Combi Line
PT Kraft Foods Indonesia2012Electrical & Utilities Mini Oreo
2012Electrical Supply System Line 5
PT Leighton Contractors Indonesia2012Coca cola New Warehouse
PT Cargill Indonesia2013Cargill Krakatau Cocoa Plant
PT Bungasari Flour Mills Indonesia2013Bungasari Flour Mills Plant
PT Multi Bintang Indonesia2014Softdrink Plant
PT Unilever Indonesia2014Siliwangi Project
1993Walls Ice Cream
PT Frisian Flag Indonesia2015SILO Project
2003Lighting & Utility Cable Rerouting
Barry Callebaut Indonesia2016Chocolate Factory
2013Cobra Project Chocolate Factory
2013LPG Fuel System
PT ABC Kogen Dairy2016ABC Kogen Dairy Factory
PT Garuda Food2017Imarfoni Biscuits Factory
PT Kerry Ingredients2017Kerry Wet Process Phase 2
PT Veolia Indonesia2017Waste Water Tratement Plant for Kerry Wet Process Phase 2
PT Pan Gas Nusantara Industri1992British Oxygen Corp. Industrial Gases
PT Aneka Gas Industri1992British Oxygen Corp. Industrial Gases
PT Wings Surya1993Scada System
PT Unilever Indonesia Tbk1994Ratna Project (Liquid Plant)
PT Krakatau Steel19962x130 Landle #3 Project
PT Yokogawa Indonesia1997Toshiba Glass Project
PT Tetrapak Indonesia2007MCC Panel for L'Oreal Poland
Doshion Water Solution2010Installation for Demin Plant
PT Schneider Indonesia2010Superthin HDF/MDF Plant
PT Akzonobel (ICI Paint)2011Garuda Project
PT Kompas Media2011Kompas Gramedia
PT ICI Paint Indonesia2011Garuda Project
PT Saint Gobain Construction Products2013Temporary Site Office Services
PT Leighton Contractors Indonesia2014Evoty Indonesia Motorplant Project
PT Evoluzione Tyres (Evoty)2017Fire Alarm System
PT Kalimantan Prima Services Indonesia2010E&I Installation - KCM2
PT Leighton Contractors Indonesia2010AR Martabe AN SHED
2008BHPB-HAJU Trial Mine
PT Adani Global2010Bunyu Coal Mine Expansion
PT Agincourt Resources2012M&E External Services (Laydown)
2012M&E External Services (Lowlands)
2010Camp 3-Internal & External Services
2010Martabe Camp 3 Scada System
PT Newmont Nusa Tenggara2015Improvement Projects on Fire protection System
2015Recycle Pipeline Project
2013Maintenance Service
PT Gema Sembrown1996ARCO - Zulu Junction, Compression Module
PT Santa Fe Energy Resources1999Mudi Field Tuban Project
PT Adiguna SE2001Lighting Fixtur
PT Trans Bakrie2002YPF Maxus - "Yani&Suratmi" - Wellhead Platform
PT Pabrik Kertas Tjiwi Kimia Tbk2005Paper Machine #12
1998Paper Machine #10, #11 and Off Machine Coating
1995Paper Machine #10
PT Riau Prima Energi2006Plant Maintenance Services (Elect. & Inst.)
PT Pech – Tech Indonesia2007Turbine Generator #7/150 Kv
2007FL #2C, FL1 Upgrade & Water Handling
2007Fiber Line #2C, Fiber Line #1, Upgrade 6 PL #2D
2006Dumai Fiber
2006Paper Machine #2 - Small Bore Piping
2006Paper Machine #2
2006Chemica Plant, PL #2D
2006CLO #2 PLANT
2006Reject Plumping a Feed Pulp Pin Chip
2003Power Boiler
2003Toba Pulp Lestari - Start Up
2003Fiber Line #1 Upgrade/PD#2 Upgrade - Corporate
2002Fiber Line #1 Upgrade
2002Fiber Line #1 DE- Bottleneck Phase 2
2002Pulp Dryer #2 for Acacia
2001Rukan Akasia Project, M&E Work
2001Heavy Vehicle Workshop
2000Digester Expansion & Refurbishing
2000Fiber Line #1
1999Recaust. & Lime Kiln for Pulp Line 1
PT Riau Andalan Pulp & Paper2010Chip and Barge Conveyor Sprinkler
2002Pulp Mill Shutdown
2000Pulp Expansion 2
1998Pulp Mill Shutdown
1997Rak Corporate Office, M&E Work
1997Rak Corporate Office, M&E Work
1995Pulp Line 1
PT Kalimantan Prima Services Indonesia2010Kutai Chip Mill - Line #2
2008Kutai Chip Mill - Line #1
PT Graha Cemerlang Paper Utama2011GCPU Tissue Mill - Line #2
2005Paper Machine #1 a SPE
PT Indokarya Bangun Bersama2016Paper Machine #3
PT Riau Prima Energy2010Maintenance Services
2009Maintenance Services
2005Maintenance Services
PT Lontar Papyrus Pulp & Paper Industry2017Maintenance Service for Instrument
1996Paper Machine #2
PT Thermax Limited1996South Pacific Viscose 3 x 22.5 T/H Boiler
PT Pech – Tech Indonesia2006Recovery Boiler #1 & #2 Upgrade
2005Riau Andalan Kertas - Power Boiler #3
2000Riau Andalan Kertas - Recovery Boiler
1998Riau Andalan Kertas - Power Boiler
PT Euroasiatic Heat and Power Systems2010Turbine Package
PT Navigat Energy2010Bimoli Gas Engine 2 x 616KW JGS
PT Leighton Contractors Indonesia2013Water Work System at Supreme Energy
PT Asia Karsa Indah2002Mobil Skid - Caltex Project
2000Caltex Project
PT Aker Kvaerner Indonesia2003Exxon Mobil - Aceh
Technip Conflexip Pte Ltd2003Conoco Philips Indonesia - BBSD Development
PT Pertamina2003Geothermal - Kemojang
PT Unocal Indonesia Company2003Attaka F/FS VLP System
PT Punj Lloyd Indonesia2004Peciko Onshore Development
2003Set - Purun Anggana Camp
PT Sempec Indonesia2004Petrochina - Betara Complex Development Phase 3
PT Petrosea Tbk2017Petrosea Onshore Base at Sorong
2016MEG Storage Facility at Balikpapan
PT Pulo Synthetics1990Process & Storage Tank Level Instruments
PT BASF Indonesia1993Mass Flow Meter
PT Hoechst – Dystar Cilegon1992Energy Billing System
PT Dyno Mugi Indonesia1996Cement Plant
PT Dystar Polkkrik1998Line #1 Serang
PT Akzo Nobel Satindo2000Container Cleaning Station
PT Cognis Indonesia2001Maintenance Services
PT Dystar Colours Indonesia2002Biology & Loprox Expansion
PT Cabot Indonesia2006ME2 Expansion-Carbon Plant
PT Sumi Asih & Lian Juan Eng S. Bhd2007Glyserine Plant
PT Unilever Oleochemical Indonesia2017Tin Can Processing Plant
2016Thermal Oil Heater Project
2015CPKO Tank System
2013Big Leap & Dove Project
PT Chandra Asri Petrochemical2016Instrumentation Works for Heaters
PT Semen Gresik / PT Semen Tuban1992Cement Factory
PT Semen Padang1994Cement Factory
PT Semen Cibinong1995Cement Factory
PT Indocement1995Cement Factory
PT Siemens Indonesia1999Cement Factory-Cibinong & Tuban
PT Bakrie Construction2006Dumai Cement Terminal
2006Cement Storage & Transport - Dumai Pelindo Port
PT Holcim Indonesia Tbk2016Holcim Tuban Factory-FA system Works
2016Holcim Tuban Factory-Fly Ash
2016Holcim Tuban Factory-Early Detection
2015Jetty Silo Expansion Project
2014Interconnection of Auxiliary Building
2013Holcim Tuban Main Building
2011Main Office Building & Control Room
PT Amman Mineral Nusa Tenggara (AMNT)2017Tailing Project