Quality Health, Safety & Environment

Safety is always first at PT  Grama Bazita – a key value and fundamental to our culture.

The HSE policy of PT  Grama Bazita is based on the firm conviction that accidents and or incidents that cause personal injury or loss of assets can be prevented.

It is the objective of PT  Grama Bazita to minimize accidents and incidents by:

  • Ensuring a safe work environment and proper equipment to perform each task.
  • Providing training and motivating supervisors to instruct their personnel thoroughly, in all safety aspects of their work.
  • Conducting regularly scheduled safety and health inspections to identify and eliminate unsafe work conditions and/or practices. To control health hazards, and to comply fully with the safety and health requirements of every task.
  • Investigating, promptly and thoroughly, every accident, incident and near miss involving PT Grama Bazita and/or subcontractor personnel, to determine the cause and remedial action required to prevent recurrence.
  • Establishing a system of recognition and awards for good safety service or performance.
  • Requiring safe operation as a part of each employee’s job
  • Making safety awareness a condition of employment. 

Certified Company
Cert Num. 05 01 I 12029

Certified Company
Cert Num. 08 04 L 17065

Certified Company
Cert Num. 16 00 D 16049